Creating Clear Goals
intentions and goals
The problem if you don’t set a clear intention, knowing the specific reasons why, you might create goals that lack meaning or direction. You may also feel discouraged and not connected to these goals, which can result in you giving up, or you may achieve some results but not the ones that make you feel happy and fulfilled. When you’re guided by a clear intention, and you set goals that are in-line with that intention, then everything is in alignment to make it all possible. Having that clear intention enables you to create goals that will become a reality. If you’re struggling with finding out what your intention is then do the following exercise before you go to sleep at night. Meditate on the question… ‘why is it important for me to achieve this goal [fill in the blank]?’ Allow yourself to only think about that question, do your best to calm down any other thoughts, ask the question over and over in your mind and see what answer comes to you. You may even dream about it…

The Difference Between Intentions and Goals #2

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