I wasn’t a believer of hypnosis at first, but I literally tried everything else for weight loss and nothing seemed to work. I continued to diet and exercise but the hypnosis really was a game changer. I am down 24 pounds now and still counting. It really helped me keep my goals in mind and Joanne is so great to work with! Wish I had tried it sooner and highly recommend!

Jenna W.

Joanne has guided me through a successful period of weight loss with both expertise and empathy. My sessions with Joanne were thoroughly relaxing and stress-free, and I left each one fully prepared to conquer any obstacles preventing me from reaching my goal. I’d highly recommend Joanne to anyone seeking to lose weight (or any other personal goal).

Brian L.

I feel so grateful to have found Joanne! She truly is a blessing. She is so open and easy to talk to. She is very passionate about helping others. If you are struggling in any area of your life she can help you find your way! She helped me get my health back. I honestly was not sure what to expect with hypnosis but I remained open to it and I am so glad I did, you cannot lose!

Cindy D.

Ferry Hill was such an AMAZING experience. Joanne was calming, soothing and comforting. I relaxed and enjoyed the experience. I lost 4 pounds to start, yay! Rejuvenate yourself with Joanne. It is fantastic.

Nancy B.

Joanne worked with my wife, a smoker all her life, and at age 76 has stopped smoking through sessions with her. Joanne evaluated my wife in a hour and a half consultation to determine if my wife was a candidate for treatment, she was.
My wife stopped after the first session and each session after reinforced her progress. Also, Joanne checked in during the week to see how things were going and offered suggestions if needed.
Joanne is a true professional, kind and caring to be sure everyone is in agreement with the sessions.
It has been a month and my wife is still smoke free with no desire to smoke.
Can’t say enough about Joanne and hypnosis, and this was a last resort after drug treatments and the patch, they just didn’t work.
I feel confident in my wife’s treatment that it will work and Joanne is always there as reinforcements.
Thanks again Joanne…

Phil C.

I’ve never seen a hypnotist before and was worried it would be awkward or wouldn’t work for me. NOT TRUE! Joanne is the most wonderful person, so understanding and calm. I learned so much from her and would recommend her to anyone. Her sessions really stay with you and she’s so open to making changes each time. Thank you.

Dianna M.

Joanne has been amazing! I have learned so much about myself over the last 4 weeks and even reached my first weight loss goal! I always look forward to my next session.

Julie O.

Joanne was wonderful. She was integral in supporting me in obtaining my weight loss goal.

Barbara C.

Joanne was amazing! I had a wonderful experience and it helped me control my eating habits and manage stress also, which has been a huge bonus! I highly recommend her!!! I felt very comfortable & safe there.

Christina C.

I truly wasn’t sure about hypnosis to be honest, primarily because I am a pretty strong minded woman and thought it might be difficult to get hypnotized but what I found was completely to the contrary. My reason for going was weight loss, not that it really matters. I found from the very first appointment that I got a handle on my issues. There is work involved, I’m not going to mislead you, it’s not magic… put the work in and you get results just like anything else in life.
I can’t totally explain it only that Joanne has a beautiful gift to share and help you with your issues no matter what they might be. All you have to do is believe in her and get started. I have finished my sessions and feel like I have the tools to succeed! The journey was quite amazing!!
Her FREE consultation will help you make your decision.
I can’t thank her enough for everything she did for me. I wish her all the best.

Rita P.

Joanne is absolutely wonderful! She’s so understanding, kind, caring and patient. The moment I step into her office I feel at ease as she has such a calming presence. She believed in me that I could overcome my driving anxiety when I wasn’t quite believing in myself. I can never thank her enough for the tools, techniques and support!

Denise E.

Joanne is amazing at what she does! I went to her for severe anxiety and stomach issues. She taught me how to really relax and stay grounded which is great for the mind-gut connection. I 100% recommend her to anyone with any phobias and/or anxieties.

Leslie D.

I began hypnosis with Joanne Grant with a fair amount of skepticism. As someone who enjoys “control”, I did believe that hypnosis may work for some, but probably not for me. I was, however, frustrated by my inability to lose and maintain a healthy weight. I drove by the Inevitable Weight Loss & Wellness Center each day and played with the idea of making an appointment. When I expressed my concern about my weight to a trusted friend, she suggested hypnosis. As I had already considered it, I took it as a sign to make the appointment.
During the consultation, I was impressed by Joanne’s compassionate nature. I decided to “give it a go”. I am so glad I did. Not only have the sessions helped me to stay with my weight loss program, but the things I have learned have also helped to sleep better and lower my blood pressure. It is truly amazing. I will always be grateful to Joanne!

Susan D.

Happy to say, I am well on my way toward my weight loss goals, thanks to Joanne.

Marguerite F.

I highly recommend Joanne if you are looking for healing through hypnosis. I had never done anything like this before. She guides you through the process in a safe and non threatening way, explaining every step. She has been a huge help in clearing my memory blocks and in helping me move forward.

Patrick D.

Thank you so much for helping me with my anxiety. After only 4 sessions I have been 100% anxiety free after over 20 years of dealing with it. My wife says she is married to a brand-new husband.

Scott G.

I was so thankful that my friend, who had great success with Joanne, referred me to her! I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable with Joanne, and reaped the benefits of her techniques even after just one session. Working with a focus on weight loss with her these last 4 weeks, I have experienced significant results with not only the number on the scale, but most importantly, my cravings and issues with bingeing. She has helped me to create a lifestyle where I feel in control of my actions and a confidence that I will achieve my health goals (both physical and mental) in 2023!

Lisa W.

Best guided meditation in Massachusetts!

Devon G.

I have worked with Jo for years on many different issues – her chair is the most relaxing place you can imagine! She has an amazing energy and truly cares about her client’s wellbeing. Highly recommend working with her!

priscilla P.

Joanne is AMAZING! If you’re serious about getting help through hypnosis, call Joanne. I started out by being skeptical and thought hypnosis was a scam or wouldn’t work for me. “I can’t be hypnotized.” Boy was I wrong. Don’t believe me. Take advantage of the free consultation. It worked AWESOME! I’ve referred friends to her too. She can help anyone that’s serious with their goal. She’s a great hypnotist (not a mind reader). YOU need to call her.

Tom L.

I can’t even find the words to express how wonderful my experience has been. I have lost 30 lbs since starting. It has been a slow but steady weight loss, which is the healthy way to go. Nothing else had worked for me. Now I want to eat healthier. My sugar cravings are a distant memory. Plus the experience of being hypnotized is soooo relaxing and delightful. Joanne has this beautiful Scottish accent and her energy and demeanor are soothing and healing. I feel like each session is a massage for my brain. I’m so relaxed that I’ll sometimes need a few minutes before I feel like I can drive. If I could give 10 stars I would. 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Kim T.

Joanne taught me how to have a more restful nights sleep, as well as invaluable tools to manage my anxiety.

Robyn L.

I’ve had a fear of flying most of my adult life and would fly at least once every year. Anxiety and nervousness the week leading up to a flight and silent terror the whole flight, hands and body would sweat like a sinner in church. A friend, who also had a former fear of flying, suggested hypnosis and highly recommended Joanne Grant at Ferry Hill Hypnosis. I reached out via text message since phone calls are so 80’s 90’s now and we set up my initial free consultation . I had 3 sessions before my 1st flight in 4 years! Joanne is personable, kind, empathetic, knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. If nothing else I left each session totally relaxed and stress free feeling great!
End result? Both flights had their share of turbulence, but thanks to Hypnosis and the tools Joanne gave me before, during, and after my flights, I flew with no sweating hands or body, no silent terror, I was excited pre flight and during the flight and actually enjoyed them, and I will fly again and more often without hesitation or fear!
Life changing! I highly recommend hypnosis for fear of flying or any life challenges you need help with. My next hypnosis journey you ask? Weight Loss!

Mike M.

What an amazing experience! From the moment I walked in, Joanne met me and walked me through what I was to expect. Each session thereafter was followed up by complete transparency in what she was doing and what I had to work on and what I could expect. Our sessions together were the highlights of my week, I left each time feeling refreshed, energized and ready to work on my task. If you are thinking about hypnosis, Joanne is the person you want to see!

kim p.

As I approach the completion of my first year being smoke free, I feel compelled to leave this review for Joanne as I could NEVER have quit without her. If you are considering hypnosis to help you make positive changes in your life, you must contact Joanne. If you are ready to make the change, she is ready to help you! Joanne genuinely cares about the quality of life of her clients, and with helping them reach their goals. This can be seen and felt from your very first meeting with her during which she will take the time (as much as you need) to understand your life and your unique set of circumstances so that she can build a customized plan made specifically for you. Joanne will set you at ease from the moment you walk in the door, she has a natural way about her… she is kind, caring, patient, and easy to talk to. Joanne’s continued support and encouragement both in the wellness center, and out (unexpected and supportive text message) had a monumental impact on my ability to stay focused and to ultimately become a Non Smoker!


While trying to lose weight, Joanne has taught me breathing techniques for relaxing my chronic back pain and losing weight. Joanne’s demeanor and guidance has had a positive impact on my life. Highly recommend Ferry Hill Hypnosis!

Ellen P.

Joanne is knowledgeable and great at what she does. She has helped me with weight loss and has made such a difference! When the same old things just don’t work, you need to try something new and that’s the edge this program can give you.

Allison D.

Joanne is amazing. I wished I’d found her years ago. I went for help with clenching my jaw. Not only did she correct that, we worked on so much more. I’m a 63 year old woman, and have never in my life felt so good. I was so comfortable with her. She is truly the best.

Mary Lou M.

Wonderful experience. Joanne is excellent and very calming. I was able to cut back on my drinking and totally quit chewing nicotine gum, along with a new sense of calm. Highly recommend.

Patricia D.

I had such a wonderful experience with Joanne! She is extremely attentive to your specific needs, patient, kind, and most importantly, her techniques work! I highly recommend her!

Ashley M.

Joanne is wonderful…. She has the most relaxing voice. I have worked with her for 8 weeks and have lost 12 lbs and gained much more self control and confidence than I had before. Would recommend to anyone.

Angela T.

Absolutely amazing how hypnosis worked for me. All I can say is give it a chance!

Laura C.

I loved working with Joanne. I thought about trying hypnosis for years to get in the right mindset for weight loss and to get motivated, I’m so glad I finally tried it! I had four sessions of hypnosis in the office and used the at home practices she gave me daily, and can honestly say that I feel in control of my eating habits and feel indifferent to sweets. In addition, I have a significant reduction in my stress level, which is a welcomed bonus.

Andrea C.

Great experience. Highly recommend!

Renee W.

I have to say that choosing to go to Ferry Hill Hypnosis was one of the best decisions I ever made! Joanne is fantastic. Whatever your reason, hypnosis therapy can get you where you need to be. Highly recommend a consult with Joanne. She is friendly, honest and accommodating. Her sessions and exercises will change your life. Please do yourself a favor, if you are considering a visit… don’t hesitate, book one today.

Leo B.

Had been trying to address a personal issue with no success. Unable to find an available psychologist, I thought why not try hypnosis. So VERY glad I did. Things changed for me almost immediately and continue to improve. The continuing improvement is noticeable. I highly recommend Ferry Hill Hypnosis. It works!!

Eileen F.

Joanne helped me not only with starting and keeping up my journey with weight loss, but also starting a daily morning routine, which I’ve had a very hard time doing before now. Each session has been different, yet the same in that I leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and energized. I’m shocked at the results, and it really does show you how much can be done through your subconscious. Highly recommend for anyone who feels like they are capable but have a mental block, like I felt I had.

Tayla D.

I can’t say enough about Joanne. I have been fighting a sugar addiction for years and couldn’t kick it. The sugar was contributing to feeding my chronic lyme disease. With Joanne’s help I have been sugar free and bread free for months and have had NO cravings for it at all. I have no trouble staying away. I also lost 22 pounds and the pain from my lyme has all but gone away. I have been on a program to help the lyme as well but I would not have been able to do it without getting rid of the sugar! Joanne has been very helpful and I plan on continuing with her to tackle all of life’s struggles as they come up!

Susan W.

I had set goals but couldn’t seem to get there on my own. Hypnosis, and Joanne in particular, helped me move past whatever was holding me back. I didn’t know what to expect, but went in willing and with an open mind. I learned several new skills to take with me into everyday life. No regrets for taking this chance. Highly recommend.

Lisa W.

Joanne is incredible. I was in a bad place and was looking for help. Joanne messaged me within an hour of me leaving her a voicemail. I went into this knowing nothing about hypnosis, I just knew I needed some help with sleeping. Joanne’s warmth and personality make her perfect for hypnosis. My first visit I couldn’t believe how much work she had put into making a plan for me to achieve my goal. She would ask me tough questions and I felt perfectly safe giving her honest answers. Eight weeks into hypnosis I have achieved my goal and I have no doubt that I could not have done it without her!


I initially went to hypnosis for help with weight loss and to overcome the cycle of emotional eating that has been years in the making. In addition to already being down over 20 pounds, I am sleeping better than I have in years and the overall sense of peace I feel are added bonuses. I am a person who has always had trouble relaxing but I have taken to hypnosis and it’s calming effects really well. At the initial consultation (which is free) I was really impressed with the amount of time Joanne spent with me going over my situation and all of my questions. She was very clear on the expectations and there was absolutely no pressure from her to sign up. In fact, she was very clear that if I didn’t believe it could help me there was no sense in doing it. Joanne is honest about the process as well as very kind and compassionate. Her space is warm and inviting and it feels very safe so you can just let your fears go and trust the process. I wish I knew about her years ago!

Rhoda T.

I can’t say enough about my experience with the Inevitable Weight Loss & Wellness Center other than completely life changing! After my 8 week program, my inner strength and outward appearance is everything I had hoped it would be. Joanne is exceptional in her field, professional and will truly guide you to reach your hypnosis goals and aspirations! 💯% game changer!

Katie S.

Jo is truly amazing! She has helped me to get back on track with my spiritual growth and also has given me the tools to be self sufficient on my journey! She has also helped me immensely to manage my stress levels!
The magic is inside of you, you have to commit to yourself and go for whatever you want to achieve. With Jo’s help I was able to overcome my procrastination and finally live the way I wanted. Every session with her feels like a Christmas gift! The deep relaxation that the hypnosis brought to me is priceless!
If you can trust yourself to relax and commit to it you will not regret it! I highly recommend Jo!

Silviya P.

Joanne is very knowledgeable with hypnosis therapy. She offers techniques for self-hypnosis to use at home. She is very caring about her clients, follows up with them to see how they are doing after a session and is definitely in the right field. She fully explains what hypnosis is and what to expect during a session. I felt very safe and comfortable during my sessions. I highly recommend Joanne Grant as a hypnotherapist .

Michelle B.

My experience with Jo Grant has been truly life changing! After years of difficult issues in my personal life, and tired of being depressed, angry and resentful, I figured why not give hypnosis a try. Through hypnosis and positive affirmatives that Joanne and I worked on, I can undoubtedly say the process works! I not only feel better, but I have more patience with family and friends, I’m drinking way less alcohol and even starting to tackle issues that always seemed unsurmountable and I’m loving the challenge! The light and peace I feel overwhelms me so much at times. I only wish I had found her sooner!

Janet O.

After several sessions with Joanne, I have been given the foundation I needed to change my beliefs and my lifestyle. Already on my journey to weight loss I have been given tools and strategies to work through my issues with food and how it relates to my stress. Without judgment, she heard my perspectives and gave me methods as to how I could better change my actions and reactions. I am now in a positive frame of mind as my weight naturally comes down to my established weight goal loss! Thank-you Joanne for your time and talent!

Sharon R.

Excellent experience! Joanne is very knowledgeable. Go in with an open mind, you won’t be disappointed.

Patti T.

Joanne is a caring hypnotist, who strives to set up a program specific for you. I believe that with her help and my willingness to make the changes needed, I can and will be successful.

andrea s.

I saw Joanne to help me with weight loss and anxiety. Making the first step to email her was very difficult for me due to my social anxiety, but it was the start to a new way of life for me. Not only did I learn coping mechanisms for emotional eating which was a huge problem for me, but I also learned to deal with my overall anxiety in general. Joanne always took the time to ask me if I was going through anything we needed to address and most times she was able to get to the true cause of my feelings when I couldn’t do that myself. The meditation and personal hypnosis she taught me have been particularly helpful. I couldn’t recommend this place more. Joanne is comforting, friendly, and has the best spirit. She will take the time to really find out the best way to help you. I look forward to restarting my sessions in the future for a few other things I would like to work on. I can honestly say my sessions with Joanne would completely change my day. I could go there stressed and leave feeling so relaxed. Joanne, and this organization, is just incredible.

Alyson B.

I highly recommend Ferry Hill hypnosis. I have done quite a few sessions and find it very helpful. Joanne makes you feel very comfortable and helps you deal with any issues. The bonus is that you leave feeling like you are walking on air. If you are on the fence give it a chance. Such a great tool to utilize. I’m so glad I found Joanne!!

Mary Lou D.

Joanne is very professional & knows her stuff. Hypnosis can be a great way to help develop good habits for changing unwanted behaviors & Joanne is a great practitioner. I recommend Joanne highly.

Eileen B.

I have been working with Joanne at Ferry Hill Hypnosis for the last four weeks. During that time, I have completely eliminated daily deserts from my diet. I also joined a gym, and have done reinforcing work with Joanne to show me how these workouts are valuable and fun. Joanne is patient, kind, and caring. She will develop an individual plan for you, and work WITH you to achieve your goals.

Suzie W.

Her knowledge and expertise shine through in every session. I have had tremendous results and learned some life long strategies. I highly recommend Ferry Hill Hypnosis.

Katie P.

She is truly committed to making her clients feel comfortable and supported while cheering for their success. I would highly recommend her service for any goal you wish to achieve!

Colleen D.

After countless attempts at dieting and weight loss I felt hopeless… Until I started with Joanne. I feel more focused, energized, and confident in who I am and who I am becoming! Not to mention, the almost instant results I am noticing.


I have had the pleasure of being hypnotized by Joanne. I found myself looking forward to my appointment, not only was it the most relaxing hour of my day, the results are amazing. I had a six week session and I lost 21 pounds! I have physical disabilities so I wasn’t able to exercise, and I feel if I was able to my results would have been greater, if that could be possible. So if you are having a hard time with any issue I highly recommend giving Joanne a call, she has the way of helping and easing your struggles, and making your life easier.

Denise S.

I have been working with Joanne for the last four weeks. During that time, I have completely eliminated daily deserts from my diet. I also joined a gym, and have done reinforcing work with Joanne to show me how these workouts are valuable and fun. Joanne is patient, kind, and caring. She will develop an individual plan for you, and work WITH you to achieve your goals.

suzie W. Author

I highly recommend Ferry Hill hypnosis. I have done quite a few sessions and find it very helpful. Joanne makes you feel very comfortable and helps you deal with any issues. The bonus is that you leave feeling like you are walking on air. If you are on the fence give it a chance. Such a great tool to utilize. I’m so glad I found Joanne!!

Mary D. Administrator

I tried hypnosis for weight loss/control over eating almost two years ago and I just survived another holiday, and year, where I didn’t gain weight. No matter what I’m eating, I’m satisfied with normal size portions… and 1 cookie never turns into 12! Worth a try 🙂

Mary L. Paralegal

I had flight anxiety for several years and it just seemed to get worse the older I got. I met Joanne for my free consultation and instantly felt optimistic that she could help. She is professional and the setting is so comfortable. After four sessions, I booked a flight – just for FUN! I would absolutely recommend Joanne to anyone, and not just for fear of flying.  She can help with weight loss, smoking, public speaking, and the list goes on. If nothing else, it was so relaxing and worth it just for that alone! She gave me some techniques to use when I’m feeling stressed or fearful, and I’ve started using some of them in my everyday life for general anxiety. I walked out of each session feeling totally relaxed and with a huge smile on my face. I would recommend Joanne to anyone that feels they could improve on any part of their life.

Sue P. Insurance Broker

Joanne, I believe has a true gift. She is very professional, very good at what she does. There is such an ease about Joanne, which makes you feel so comfortable about opening up to her. She is a very caring person who is very prepared. The results of my session with Joanne were very successful. I highly recommend her services.

Don B. Plumber

I used Joanne’s hypnosis program for weight loss recently. I lost weight because food lost its power over me. No more overeating. I enjoy everything I want to eat, but not in quantity, a taste or two and I’m satisfied. It changed my life. I no longer wake up every day thinking I have to try the next new diet.

Mary S. Paralegal

Working with Joanne has truly been life changing. I just recently went on a family vacation and had the best time. The flight down was very bumpy as we were flying into rain and I remember completely feeling at ease and just repeating to myself that I am perfectly safe. Even during my vacation I wasn’t focused on flying at all and I was able to enjoy my vacation from beginning to end. I would 100% recommend Joanne to anyone that has a fear of flying. She truly makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and has such a positive attitude on helping you get over your fear. Words can’t describe what she has done for me and I will forever be grateful for her help.

Katie W. Office Manager

Jo is absolutely amazing!! I’ve been working with her for the past 8 months on a multitude of issues including quitting smoking, dietary habits, inner child healing, chakra rebalancing, confidence on live video and so much more!! She has the most calming voice and presence which truly makes you feel safe and comfortable. I have and will continue to refer clients to Jo because she has such a unique gift with helping people change their lives. 

Priscilla A. Healer and Nurse

After 10+ years of not flying or needing to use anti-anxiety medicine just to get on an airplane, I stepped onto a plane last month and flew down to Florida. Joanne taught me several different techniques to use if I started to feel fearful. I was ecstatic when I got to the airport and didn’t feel any stress about getting on the plane. While on the plane I did a couple of the deep breathing exercises we worked on to relax me even more, and when the plane took off…I took a nap. It was the best!!! It practically brought me to tears knowing I could get on a plane now and not “freak out” or need to rely on medication to do so! Thank you Jo!!! You are the best! Bonus to the hypnosis sessions is the “mind massage” I get during the session. It may be the most relaxing activity I have ever participated in. I highly recommend Jo and her services and brag about her success with me to everyone I know!

Marsha G. Biomedtrician

I’ve been working with Joanne from Ferry Hill Hypnosis. She has such a gift! I had limited experience with Hypnosis before and I came to her to work through some very important emotional blocks. She was completely caring, compassionate, and her attention to detail in making a treatment plan for what we were conquering was well thought out with my personal wellbeing completely in mind. She always checked in and followed up with my progress. She clearly works WITH her clients using clearly demonstrated education and intuitive healing abilities. What a blessing.

Kaile D.

I recommend hypnosis for weight management because it’s painless and it works if you follow Jo’s lead. For the first time in my life, I control what I eat. Without dieting, just by eliminating foods in quantities that aren’t good for me. I made it through the dreaded holidays and long winter and lost 5 pounds. May not sound like much, but, every month since then, I drop another 2-3 pounds. I can eat half of what I used to and I feel satisfied. If someone puts a lovely dessert in front of me, I am satisfied with a bite or two, then I am done. Something as simple as the ability to control my eating and feeling comfortable with my body has made me feel so much better about myself. 

Mary L. Retired Paralegal

Joanne does a phenomenal job explaining what hypnosis is all about so you know what to expect. Her easy going, relaxed nature and soothing voice put you at ease instantly. I found hypnosis for weight loss with Joanne to be an incredibly relaxing, yet invigorating  experience. I can honestly say I haven’t craved sugar, which is hard to believe! I know that I’ve taken a conscious step towards a much healthier lifestyle.

Betsy V. Financial Adviser

I worked with Jo for several weeks on my sugar addiction and found the sessions to be extremely helpful. Jo took the time to bring me to a deep level of hypnosis, which was very relaxing in itself and made the hypnotic suggestions that much more powerful and effective. The hypnosis reduced my sugar cravings significantly. I consider my time with Jo to have been a signal success. I also found the process so intriguing and valuable that I’ve started studying hypnotherapy myself. I think that’s a great testament to Jo’s skill and professionalism. I highly recommend her services. 

Carolyn J. Business Owner

Initially I did not know what to expect. But I know Jo. She is a great person and I trust her completely. There are a number of blocks I was hoping hypnotism could help me with. In just a couple sessions, things that have been weighing on me just floated away, evaporated. Jo is amazing!!!

Patricia E. Personal Assistant

I met with the amazing Joanne Grant today!! What a gift you are Joanne!! I learned a lot about myself in the most relaxing atmosphere. If you are thinking of visiting Ferry Hill Hypnosis, don’t walk, run!! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to going back for my next session.

Alicyn K. Skincare Specialist

My first weight loss hypnosis session with Joanne was AMAZING! I’ve never experienced hypnosis and I was not prepared for the incredibly rejuvenating feeling I experienced. Focusing on her voice was easy and if my mind started to stray she brought me right back. I was hoping to give up crackers for the week and I can honestly say I have had no craving to eat them (although I dole them out to my kids daily) nor have I done any night-time snacking out of boredom – which has been my downfall. It’s been two weeks and I am happily cracker-free! I will definitely be working with Joanne in the future and highly recommend her services.

Bonnie B. Business Owner

My husband has been seeing Joanne for the past few weeks, and he and I have both noticed a transformation is his day-to-day life. I’m looking forward to my own visit next week. Joanne is a heart-driven professional and has offerings for everyone!

Colleen M. Event Planner

I went to see Joanne to see if she could help with PMS. When we met for our first session I wasn’t expecting instant results, but it was a great experience and very relaxing. I made a promise I’d cut down on sugar and I couldn’t believe it, my body was now rejecting the food I ate on a daily basis, like fluff sandwiches! So now I know that when I crave sugar to eat/drink natural sugar foods instead. I will continue my sessions with Joanne, she has amazing talent and has helped me tremendously with my PMS. She is a softly spoken person and has a great ability to help you relax. We all need to take time for ourselves and get the help we need.

Sarah C. Business Owner

After having a Past Life Regression Session with Joanne I felt clear and open to the possibilities that lay ahead for me. My heart felt very light and free, and I had a sense that something very big had been released from the past. Thank you Joanne, for your commitment to others in this realm. Great healing can occur and you truly have a Healers Light in your heart. Many Blessings.

Rev. Cathi B. Business Owner

Compassionate and thoughtful, effective and sustainable, the hypnosis provided by Joanne helped me discover and focus on the change I needed with great results. I truly appreciate and highly recommend it.

Shaun H. Author

I went to Joanne’s Self-Hypnosis Workshop at Angels of Light last Sunday and it was a great workshop!! I am so glad I went. Joanne has a very soothing voice with a beautiful accent and it was easy to get relaxed. I will definitely use this technique for any issues that come up in my life. She also gave other tips on releasing negative talk and focusing on the positive. I still felt more relaxed even days after the workshop.

Deb R. Paralegal

Past Life Regression was an amazing and completely unexpected experience. I went in wondering if I could even be hypnotized, boy was I wrong. Emotional and wonderful all at the same time, surreal.

Andrea E. Nutritionist

As a professional colleague of Joanne, I know she is kind, competent, compassionate and very professional. She is easy to talk with and builds a good rapport with her clients. I recommend Joanne for anyone looking for a professional hypnotist.

Pat M. Certified Hypnotist

It’s been 2 days since the hypnosis workshop I attended with Joanne and I am still feeling positive, relaxed and worthy. And I haven’t had a single craving for a chip! I thank you Joanne and so does my waistline 🙂

Laurie A. Business Owner

I attended my first hypnosis group session with Joanne Grant last night. The subject was geared towards weight loss and how to reach our goals. She put all of us at ease… some people might be confused about what hypnosis is and that was the first thing she went over with us. I felt very comfortable with Joanne. Thanks again!

Amy T. Business Owner

I first met Joanne at a networking event and was very impressed. I made an appointment to see her to help me deal with some stressful events that were going on in my life. She not only helped me deal with things but also taught me self hypnosis to help during stressful situations. I would highly recommend her and Ferry Hill Hypnosis.

Mary Ellen B.
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