A fear of speaking in public, glossophobia, is something that is shared by many. It’s currently estimated that 75% of the population suffer from this. The symptoms of which are many and range from feeling nervous, nauseous, having sweaty hands, a red rash appearing on the chest (which slowly works it’s way upwards to the neck and face), to your heart racing and can lead to a full-on panic attack. While you may feel like you’re frozen in fear at the very thought of having to give a presentation, making up any excuse to get out of it, or worried that you may not be able to get the words out, there are several methods that can help. If public speaking is something you have to do as part of your job, a good place to start is to practice deep breathing. Taking deep breaths helps to keep you centered and focused, and can settle your nerves. This fear can be overcome, there are many techniques which can enable you to effectively speak in public.

Are you terrified of speaking in public?

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