headacheI’ve noticed with a number of my clients that any pain they have in their body disappears during and after the hypnosis session. They’re not coming to see me for pain relief but their pain goes away anyway. Whether it’s chronic back pain, hip pain or headaches, it’s a wonderful side effect they weren’t expecting. Of course it all helps that I have such a comfy, reclining chair for them to sit in! But also during the hypnosis their mind is focused on my voice, taking their focus off their pain. Even if it doesn’t last long term, it gives them relief for a while, but sometimes it can take their pain away for good. A client who came to see me for stress management told me after the session that she had been suffering from hip pain for a number of months and during the hypnosis it had gone away completely… and she’s still pain free months later! Another client, who was seeing me for weight loss, suffered from chronic back pain and got relief from the pain during every session. Quite often I like to introduce a healing guided visualisation at the end of the session. This is when the client becomes aware of where they feel any stress or tension in their body and they allow it to release as I talk them through healing themselves. Perhaps it’s the combination of it all that helps with pain relief, but regardless, it’s a side effect which surprises many clients, and another reason why hypnosis becomes a big part of their lives.

Unexpected side effect of hypnosis

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