How Rhoda lost 100 lbs in a year.

When Rhoda first came to see me, she had been yo-yo dieting for years. This consisted of losing a lot of weight quickly, keeping it off for a few months, then putting it all back on again. I could see her frustration at not being able to maintain her weight loss. On some level, she knew the answers to her weight loss issues lay deep, but also that she wasn’t quite ready to go there yet. It took almost two years for Rhoda to find the courage and build the strength to delve deeper into the root causes and reasons for her issues, but the results were well worth it. Her transformation was powerful, lasting, and amazing. When Rhoda found her way to make the necessary mental and emotional changes, the physical part followed.

When Rhoda showed her readiness to both invest in herself long term and deal with the real reasons why, as she put it, “I was abusing and punishing my body,” that was when we were able to take a different approach with her hypnosis sessions. Now that we were dealing with the root causes at the deepest levels, we could begin the process of healing and forgiveness. This time around Rhoda’s mindset had shifted. She had never been able to keep the weight off for more than a few months, and here she is a year after, having lost 100 pounds, and keeping it off, doing her very best to maintain her new healthy lifestyle and habits in a way she never has before. She was able to break the cycle of hurting herself and feeling that she didn’t deserve any better. Food used to be her safe place, her comfort, and she’ll admit it wasn’t easy letting go of that comfort and facing her “demons.” But she realized this was all within her control and she was finally, after all these years, ready to take responsibility for herself.

Her determination, drive, and newly increased confidence all contributed to her newfound success. By doing the work to create new healthy habits and using the tools and techniques from her hypnosis sessions, she was able to transform herself into who she is today. I am so proud of her, and so happy with her continued success. Rhoda is an inspiration to others, someone who knows all too well the struggles, the highs and lows of weight loss, and she hopes her story can be of benefit to others struggling in the same way. In her own words, “If I can lose weight, anyone can.”

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