There can be many reasons why kids don’t look forward to the new school year. For those who don’t enjoy school it can cause a huge increase in stress and anxiety at the prospect of having to go back for another year. The amount of school work, homework, issues with friends (or lack of), feeling different from everyone else/not fitting in etc, all contribute to why they dread going back. Many withdraw, feeling more and more isolated, unable to talk about how they feel, knowing they don’t have a choice, they have to go back to school. So it’s important for parents to know that they can be helped. Hypnosis is a wonderful way to bring your stress levels down, keeping you calm and focused. It can also help to boost confidence and self esteem, and deal with the many issues young children and teenagers go through. I’ve personally seen how this can help kids. I’ve worked with teenagers experiencing a huge amount of stress due to their school work, sports and home life, trying to juggle it all and not feel overwhelmed. Many breathing techniques, powerful affirmations and visualisations are used to help them cope with this, helping them to remain calm and focused, knowing they can deal with whatever challenge comes their way.

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Are your kids stressed out about going back to school? How hypnosis can help.

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