Explore the ways you can push out of your comfort zone

pushing out of comfort zoneThere are so many different ways to get out and about to meet new and interesting people. First and foremost, don’t put any pressure on yourself that when you do so that you have to meet ‘the one.’ Chances are you’ll feel so disappointed if it doesn’t happen. So, instead, simply think about how you used to get out and about to meet new people, then think about all the other ways you haven’t tried… simply trying to extend your social circle without any expectations. Go to an event that interests you in your local area, many of which are advertised on Facebook. Take a course or a class, e.g. cooking, home maintenance etc. Or if you love to read, join a local reading group. Think of all the ways you can push yourself out of your comfort zone and do things differently, that way you’ll meet a variety of new people.

How hypnosis can help guide you on this journey

Once you’re in the right mindset to really want to attract someone, once you have the specifics ready, being honest and realistic about who you would like in a partner, we can then, through hypnosis, offer that information into your subconscious mind. Once that information takes route your subconscious will look for a close match to what you’re looking for. That’s what your subconscious does every minute of every day. Your powerful subconscious mind seeks out what’s important to you, getting directly to the source to help you find all the things you like more easily.

Your subconscious mind works so hard to keep you safe by making you feel fearful or anxious to warn you of nearby dangers. It’s that same mind that will seek out a loving partner because, by using hypnosis, we’ve installed those preferences you’re looking for, and as that happens, without you even thinking about it, you’ll start to become more aware of people with those qualities appearing into your life.

But it’s also about helping you to de-stress and heal. Hypnosis can help to soothe and cleanse away any stress/tension within your body, and can help to bring down any barriers stopping you from moving forward.

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