Candy. Cakes. Chocolate. The sweet stuff. I like it too much and I know I eat too much of it. When it gets out of hand, and I’m in the right mindset, I know I can take control and cut down significantly. What always helps is motivation, and a deadline. This usually comes in the form of wanting to look and feel my best for a family event. What works for me is to use self hypnosis to remove the amount of junk food I eat. So far, I’ve been successful in completely cutting out chocolate from my diet for 6 months. I do this using hypnosis techniques to help me overcome comfort eating, which involves deep breathing, powerful, positive affirmations and visualisations. The added bonus of this is of course some weight loss, and getting back into the clothes I love to wear. It feels so good to get my control back, and to be rid of my bad habits around food.

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